About Caminos de Frontera – cycling zone

About this territory

200 km to the northeast separate the capital of Spain, Madrid, and Almazán. With approximately 5,500 inhabitants, Almazán, is the largest town in the province of Soria and Km 0 of Caminos de Frontera – cycling zone.

With 8.7 inhab / km2, and 75% of the territory with less than 5 inhab / Km2, Soria is the most unpopulated province in Spain and Europe.

Together with nine other provinces in a similar situation, they form the Serranía Celtibérica.

The calm all arround these lands will allow us to discover this little corner of Spain with no hurry and free of stress, in a paradise for lovers of nature and history.

More than 20 protected areas within the Red Natura 2000, with more than 230,000 ha and a great historical and artistic heritage, are distributed throughout these Caminos de Frontera – cycling zone.

About this project

This initiative starts in2016. The purpose, to contribute to keep alive the rural world from which I come from, and which, due to the data we have seen, is seriously injured.

I also found it as a way to recover a link with that territory, very close during one stage of my life, in the Tierras Sorianas del Cid Association , participating in various rural development programs, but that I was missing it after few years in the city.

The way this was going to happen, was totally a surprise, but a very pleasant one.

It would be something related to tourism, but I never thought it would be on a bicycle, especially when the last one I had, had been collecting dust for some decades.

One summer afternoon, initially just to please a nephew, I borrowed some bikes to take a little tour around Soliedra.

The sensations of that little route, already with a very different point of view from the last time I had ridden a bicycle, decided for themselves.

First, the feeling of freedom, of not being locked in the interior of a vehicle. Feeling the air, the 360º vision, the sounds and smells of the countryside, stopping where and when you want, letting yourself go on a descent, the effort of a climb and the pride of reaching the top …

And the feeling of exclusivity, of enjoying a unique moment and landscapes just for you.

A route through the spectacular Lobos River Canyon with some friends by the end of the summer, cleared any slight doubt if still any.

Only pending to decide how to show all this. My passion for photography since I was a child, and my introduction on social media a short time ago, led me to opt for the digital world.

With all this, the first part of this project emerged. Under the name of “Vídeo tracks btt – un turismo diferente”, a YouTube channel and a Facebook page , have been the means to show my vision of this province of Soria.

This second phase aims to give a different visibility to the project, with a more accessible and organized space and with the necessary information when traveling these Caminos de Frontera. And by the way, a base infrastructure for future developments is already in mind.

The geographical environment in which this cycling area is located, the border between the Duero river and the Ebro and Tajo, and the fact that this área became as the border between Muslims and Christians during the Reconquest era , are the reason for this new name.

So, get your bycile ready because we´re going on route.

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