Connecting projects

In this section we want to give visibility to projects with which we share a common philosophy.

The passion for our territory and the desire to contribute to its development, embracing its resources for a respectful and sustainable activity such as cycling, ideal for visiting all those special places that are awaiting to be discovered .

So, in this section and also in the resource map, we will include all those projects, with which we will also look for connection points in order to achieve a large cyclotourist space with multiple alternatives.

Montañas Vacías

Bikepacking Spanish Lapaland

An inspiring project by Ernesto Pastor.

In its original version, and now in its new XL proposal, in which was a real plesure to be of support, it offers us up to 1,700 km through the mountains of the Serranía Celtiberica, emphasizing the serious problem of the depopulation.

With Montañas Vacías XL we already share the entire Tiermes-Caracena-Gormaz-Burgo de Osma-Cañón del Río Lobos line, and the Soria-Abejar section, and surely we will still find more points of connection.

Ruta Mymerak – Roads of Rioja (ESP)

Íñigo, from Mymerak shows us all the charms of La Rioja with two different proposals:

Mymerak Roads of Rioja. Cycle-tourist route of about 500 km along secondary roads with almost no traffic, including nine mountain passes.

Mymerak off-road. A total route of 410 km in six stages.

Asociación de cicloturismo de Navarra (ESP)

With their Ruta de los Elementos, they propose four chained loops, which connect the east of Navarra, with the Moncayo and Tierras Altas, at the eastern end of Soria. (ESP)

Through this blog, Paco Sebas shows us his routes along the south of Soria..

Montsec bikepacking loop

An Off-road Bikepacking route through the Sierra del Montsec, between the provinces of Lleida and Huesca, full of mountains, rivers, canyons, swamps, peaks, towns, hermitages, castles and very good views.

Two alternatives, BTT and gravel.

Living museums

Cooperation project between various local action groups in Castilla y León, to facilitate access to museum spaces in rural areas, through Smart opening and guided audio technologies.

Almost 50 different spaces, spread over the provinces of Burgos, León, Segovia, Soria and Valladolid, can be visited thanks to this initiative.

In the Caminos de frontera – cycling zone Resources Map, you can find the Living Museums in this territory in case you want to take them into account when planning your routes.

Also find them in the Resource map:

Layer: Conexiones / connections

Layer: Lugares de interés / Places of interest

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