Resource map

About the resource map:

The purpose of this map is to help you discover the Caminos de frontera – cycling zone territory, either by following the proposed routes, or by creating your own ones with the resources here provided.

It´s a Google My Maps based design, to let you access to information of interest, like tourist accommodation or other servicess, at the same time that you analyze the routes.

The information is organized in layers, and each layer in elements. The labels of some elements also include more detailed information or links to such information that could be interesting to you. You can find the following layers:

– Day routes. Those that have already completed the guide on will have the link to the website. The rest of them, will have a link to Wikiloc.

– Trail GR 86 Sendero Ibérico Soriano. More than 900 km of trails. Be careful !!!, it is NOT totally cyclable. You will find a link to information and details of the routes in the labels of the different trail sections on the map.

– Camino del Cid. MTB routes El Destierro and Tierras de Frontera, which cross this territory and sometimes share some sections with Caminos de Frontera – Cycling zone.

– Places of interest. Includes the registry of places of cultural interest in this territory; protected tres register; lagoons, waterfalls ,springs of interest and natural pools.

– Services. By now it includes train stations and post offices, but we Will add more, tourist offices, grocery store in small towns, shelters …

– Natural spaces. All the natural spaces of this territory included within the Natura 2000 Network, either in the category of LIC (place of community interest) or ZEPA (special area for bird protection). On the labels of each space, you can find the link to the technical data sheet, with detailed information on the species and habitats that are protected.

– Natural trails. Ministry of Agriculture natural trails program. Includes the Greenway of the old Santander-Mediterranean railway from Soria to Hontoria del Pinar; Senda del Duero, from the source to Aranda de Duero and the Camino Natural del Agua Soriano – Camino Antonino, from Soria to Tudela. On the labels of the different sections, you will find links to more detailed information.

NOTE: It´s somehow already mentioned before, but we would like to insist. If you are going to cover sections of the GR 86, Camino del Cid, or Natural trails, different than the ones shared with Caminos de frontera, you must confirm its cyclability. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you as much as we can.

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