How to get

By car

The A-15 motorway, finally completed a few years ago, and which connects the A-2 at the height of Medinaceli (km 150) with Soria capital, is the best way to get to Almazán from the center, south and southeast of Spain.

In this table, you can see the approximate distances to a good number of cities.

By train

With RENFE, from Madrid it is a very good option. It does not have the bus frequencies, but the landscapes worth it.

How to take our bike on the train?

1. We can carry our bike without disassembling it or putting it in any bag, as this is a medium distance line and the trains have a space for bicycles.

2. The maximum number of bicycles allowed on lines of this type is limited to the capacity of the space dedicated to bicycles on trains, 3 as far as I´ve personally verified.

3. You can add the bicycle in the “purchase complements” section during the online purchase of your ticket.

4. The additional is by € 3.00.


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By bus

Depending on the line’s concessionary company, the conditions for carrying our bicycle may vary, so although we indicate them here, we recommend that you confirm them before buying your tickets.

From Madrid, Logroño y Soria

Service provided by ALSA

How to take our bike in ALSA?

1. The bicycle must be packed in a box or bag prepared for transport. They have bike covers for € 12 at the ticket office.

2. The maximum capacity per bus is 4 between bicycles, surf and ski equipment.

3. You can add the bicycle in the «Sports equipment» section during the online purchase process. The additional cost in this case is € 10.

4. You must show up to boarding at least 15 minutes before departure.


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From Barcelona and Zaragoza

Service provided by MONBUS

How to take our bike on MONBUS?

1. The bicycle must be packed correctly and with the front wheel removed.

2. The possibility of transporting our bike will depend on the space available in the coach´s boot. In any case, the maximum total number for bicycles, surfboards, skis and musical instruments is three.

3. You must show up to boarding at least 10 minutes in advance.

4. In the event that upon arrival there is no space in the coach´s boot for the bicycle, the company will transport it in the first subsequent service with space available.


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The schedules and conditions of transport here indicated are merely informative. When planning your trip, confirm the exact times and bicycle transport with the line concessionaries.

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