Responsible and sustainable cycle tourism

Know your physical and technical condition and if it adapts to the selected route.

Check the condition of your bicycle, as well as the necessary equipment depending on the level of self-sufficiency you choose.

If you need accommodation or transport, book it in advance.

Check the possible liquid and solid supply points, as well as emergency services.

Help to preserve natural habitat. Avoid disturbing wild animals or feeding them, as well as picking fruits, seeds or plucking native plants.

Take care of the historical, ethnographic and cultural heritage. In most places you visit, you will be your own watchman.

Respect private properties, as well as the activities of local farmers.

Take the opportunity to get to know the local population and the territory. Except in few places, cycle turism is not usual. It Will surely be a very enriching experience for everyone.

Respect other users of highways, roads and trails. Warn of your presence at the sight of hikers, slow down and give way if necessary.

Make use of the existing roads and trails and avoid making unnecessary marks.

Respect all sanitary measures against COVID 19.

A fire could have devastating consequences in this territory. Do not light a fire at any time of the year, and be very careful with tobacco.

Keep clean the environment. Take your trash in a bag, even the organic one. In the next town you can put it in the appropriate container.

If you need to defecate in the open, find a quiet place away from transit areas and water courses. Dig a hole deep enough. Make use of your best technique. Keep the paper in a bag until you can leave it in the closest container. The rest, all well covered with ground. Wash your hands and that´s it.

There are several campsites throughout this territory, with different services and conveniences.

For any other type of camping or bivouac, you will need the permission of the site or facilities owners or managers.

We will develop this chapter to inform you of which municipalities have site or facilities for cycle tourist, and when they will be available, taking into account the situation generated by COVID 19.

You can also sleep in a shelter, especially in the northwest area of Caminos de frontera cycling zone. Because of the known health security reasons, we will not show them by now. Once this situation has been overcome and the routes through that area have been published, you will find them on the Resource Map.

Traditional bakery, homemade sausages, torreznos, cheese, wine, roasts, honey, jams, sweets, garden products, crafts …

They are the livelihood of part of the local population, which with their effort, helps to keep the identity of this territory alive and that we also want to enhance.

Do not hesitate to consume them. You will enjoy great quality products and dishes and you will support the development of this area and the good acceptance of this initiative.

It is not easy to find open grocery stores outside the main towns, except in the most tourist areas, but there are some.

If passing a town, you hear the persistent klaxon of a vehicle, it is probably the local baker or another type of street vendor. If you´re hungry, you can follow the sound and hopefully you will find somethig to eat.

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