The walls of the upper Duero

Welcome to this route through the time tunnel.

The route, of about 300 km, passes in its first half around the Duero River, mainly on its southern slope, and returns through the Sierra de Pela, which traces the southern border of the province of Soria, with its neighbors ones Segovia and Guadalajara .

This area next to the riverDuero, was very active during the Middle Ages and the reconquest. The continuous fights between the Muslim and Christian kingdoms first, and later on between Aragon and Castile, has left us a rich legacy in the form of fortified towns, such as Almazán, Maderuelo, Ayllón or Rello; castles such as Berlanga de Duero or Gormaz, and muslim watchtowers such as El Tiñón, spread over this territory.

And if we want to go back even further into the past, in the area of Tiermes, we can find a great testimony of the first settlers in this territory.

The artistic touch of the route is provided by the numerous and beautiful examples of arcaded Romanesque such as the Church of San Miguel in San Esteban de Gormaz, the first of this style in Castile; or the Burgo de Osma Cathedral, a whole mix of architectural styles.

Dovecotes, fences, farmyards, wine cellars, winepresses, agricultural crops …, they will give us a view on the people´s day to day in this area.

And the natural environment … Banks of the Duero River and tributaries, Riaza´s River Gorges, Ayllón montains, Tiermes holm-oak woods, Barahona Highlands and the River Talegones Canyon, are areas of great ecological interest protected by the Natura 2000 Network within this route.

A multitude of places patiently await surprise us. Do you want to discover them?.


This is the first of the planned routes that includes a shortcut, in this case, with different alternatives depending on whether you prefer more or less road, or where you want to continue. This shortcut Tiermes-Caracena-Gormaz-El Burgo de Osma, is also the first connection between the projects of Caminos de Frontera – cycling zone and Montañas Vacías, in its XL version. And there will be more as long as the next developments allow, and also with other very interesting projects like the ones you can find here in the Connecting projects section.

CF+ Caracena-Carrasca de Valderromán (ESP)

CF+ San Baudelio-Caltojar-La Veruela.

This last CF+, does not have a separate website or guide as it´s part of the route Watchtowers and fortresses in the valleys of the Escalote and Torete rivers.



To all those who either with your encouragement or with your advice and technical support, you are also contributing to make all this gradually moving forward. Thanks to my family who are there at all times and thanks also to the great people that I´m meeting throughout this trip. You all know that you are in my mind and in my heart.

Hotel Villa de Almazán

Tfn.: +34 975 300 611 email:


Guest house Tirso de Molina

Tfn.: +34 975 300 416


Guest house Plaza Mayor

Tfn.: 975 300 064 email:

Hostel-camp site Berlanga de Duero

Tfn.: +34 670 980 438 email:

Hostel El Cid

Tfn.: +34 610 675 600 email:

Country inn La Casa Grande de Gormaz

Tfn.: +34 608 300 890 email:

Hotel Spa Río Ucero

Tfn.: +34 975 341 278 email:


Hotel II Virrey

Tfn.: +34 975 341 311 email:

Rural hotel Lagar de La Navazuela

Tfn.: +34 975 360 600 / +34 610 403 008 email:

Hotel Rivera del Duero

Tfn.: +34 975 350 059 email:


Hotel rural El Alquerque

Tfn.: +34 620 232 532 email:


Rural house El Rincón de Elena

Tfn.: +34 975 350 101 / +34 686 467 600 email:

Hotel Ribera de Langa

Tfn.: +34 975 353 377 email:


Guest house El Carrascal

Tfn.: +34 975 353 196 email:

Rural hotel La Sabina

Tfn.: +34 679 044 326 email:


Guest house Venta de Corpes

Tfn.: +34 975 355 066 email:

Apartaments Puerta de La Villa

Tfn.: +34 619 176 780 email: contact form in web

Hotel Ayllón

Tfn.: +34 921 553 628 email:


Rural hotel El Adarve

Tfn.: +34 921 553 367 / +34 696 974 731 email:

Hotel-restaurant Termes

Tfn.: +34 975 352 055 / +34 608 830 357 email:

Hotel La Muralla

Tfn.: +34 975 345 053 / +34 699 867 933 email:


Hostel Retortillo

Tfn.: +34 975 345 053 / +34 699 867 933 email:

You can find different types of grocery stores in Almazán, Berlanga de Duero, Quintanas de Gormaz, El Burgo de Osma – Ciudad de Osma, San Esteban de Gormaz, Miño de San Esteban, Langa de Duero, Ayllón y Retortillo de Soria.

Also possible to find mobile vendors and weekly street markets in the biggest willages.

Puedes encontrar distintos bares y restaurantes en Almazán, Berlanga de Duero, Recuerda, Gormaz, Quintanas de Gormaz, Gormaz, El Burgo de Osma – Ciudad de Osma, La Rasa, San Esteban de Gormaz, Miño de San Esteban, Langa de Duero, Castillejo de Robledo, Maderuelo, Ayllón, Tiermes y Retortillo de Soria.

Bicyle shops, repairs, rental, transfers…

Tyres and bicycles Ormazábal

Shop & repair

Industrial area La Dehesa

Álamo St. , 7

Tfn.: +34 975 30 04 20

FerreBike Mio Cid

Shop, repair, rental (also e-bikes), transfers, hardware store, MTB centre btt, …

Mayor St. , 31

Tfn.: +34 975 35 05 19 – + 34 610 02 35 77

Complementary activities.

Duero Natura Vildé

Canoe rental, fishing lake, barbecue, meditation in the nature.

Open: Easter – mid October

San Luis Fountain place

Vildé – El Burgo de Osma

Tfn.: +34 646 87 93 32


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